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In the glow of the moon's ethereal light... there is a feeling of heightened senses in the inky darkness, and being enveloped in the intangibility of it all.

Peconic Night
Moonpath #1
Nocturn Homage
Luminescent Path, Strawberry Moon         Moon
Luminescent Portal #2
Mood Indigo
Moonlight Overlook, Peconic Bay, oil on panel, 24 x 18, 2017 - Copy
August Moon
Night Passage #1
Blue & Black (Peconic Night)
Luminescent Portal
Summer Night, Peconic
Nocturn Homage #2
Moon Glow, Peconic Bay
Studio Moontide
Moon Tide
Night Passage #2
Night Creek #2
Night Garden, 9 x 6, oil on paper, resize, 2022
Luminescent Portal #1
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