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Luminous Beyond #6, 30 x 18_edited.jpg


Radiance #1, monotype, 18 x 12, resize 2021.jpg

One on One: A Survey of Contemporary Monotypes & Monoprints
January 13 -February 26, 2023
Opening January 21, 2023
Woodstock Byrdcliff Guild
curated by Jen Dragon

Undercurrent #2.

2023 Member's Prize Show

February 23 – May 4, 2023
Show 2 Opening Reception | Thursday, April 13, 6-7:30pm

Cambridge Art Association 
juried by Deborah Barlow


Luminous Beyond #3

Singular & Serial: Expanding the Circle
May 18– July 8, 2023
Opening Reception May 18, 5-7pm

Cove St Arts
curated by Chris Beneman
& Catherine Kernan

Sea Shimmer #1, 30 x 18_edited_edited.jpg

Ebb and Flow: Picturing the Power of Water
May 15– August 27, 2023
Opening Reception:

The Long Island Museum
curated by Nina Sangimino



Songs From The Wood, 2022
 Alex Ferrone Gallery
curated by Alex Ferrone

alexferrone gallery

High Summer, 2022
William Ris Gallery
curated by Mary Cantone

Two Centuries of Long Island Women Artists, 1800–2000
2022 The Long Island Museum
curated by Nina Sangiminio

Newsday article 

Down to Earth/Out to Sea, 2022
Alpers Fine Art
curated by P
eter Alpers

Water/Ways, 2022
curated by Carla

Impressionism: A World View, 2022
The Nassau Museum
curated by Charles Riley

Reflections, 2021
Clip Art Gallery, Boston, MA, 4 person show
curated by Christine Palamidessi


Sea Change, 2021
ART@ Phoebe & Belle, Cutchogue, NY
curated by Wendy Prellwitz   


One-of-a-Kind, 2022
Bancroft Gallery at South Shore Art Centercurated by Catherine Kernan

Shimmer & Beyond, 2019
Cambridge Friends Meeting Room, solo show
curated by Wendy Prellwitz 

Face to Face, Artist's Portraits of Other Artists, 2019
Long Island Museum 
curated by Doug Reina  


Singular and Serial, 2020
Cove St Arts, Portland, MA
curated by Catherine Kernan, Chris Brennan & Jane Goldman


Here/There, 2016
Chandler Gallery, solo show
curated by Wendy Prellwitz


Imprint, 2017
George Marshall Store Gallery, 3 person show
curated by Mary Harding

Ink, Paper, Press: Mixit Print Studio, 2018
Soprafina Gallery, group show
curated by Clifford Ackley


Flow, 2014
Chandler Gallery, solo show
curated by Wendy Prellwitz


Departure, 2014
South Street Gallery, solo show
curated by Amy Worth

re-Think Ink, 25 Years at Mix-it Print Studio, 2012
Boston Public Library
curated by Karen Shafts


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